Newspaper and Radio News

Date Journalist / Author Publication / Media Source Title
8/1/14 Carey Goldberg WBUR’s Common Health blog Cowboy’ Doctors Could Be a Half-a-Trillion-Dollar American Problem
04/04/12 Sarah Kliff The Washington Post’s Wonkblog Dartmouth Atlas’s Skinner on high-cost hospitals
12/07/11 Candace Stuart HealthImaging Economists encourage using more therapies like beta-blockers
12/02/11 Christian Torres Kaiser Health News’ Capsules blog Study Finds Potential, Challenges For Bundled Payments
12/19/10 The Assoicated Press New York Times Many Children Lack Doctors, Study Finds
06/09/10 Merrill Goozner, The Fiscal Times (Kaiser Health News, 6/8/10) “The Health Care Economy: New Questions About Costs, Quality And Care”
03/25/10  University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health IME Video Library blog Accountable Care Organizations: Implications for Mental, Physical, and Community Health
02/08/10 R. Glenn Hubbard The Wall Street Journal
01/24/10 Jeremy Cox The Florida Times Union Jacksonville gobbles health care, but it’s still no Miami
1/30/10 Maggie Mahar Healthbeatblog In Massachusetts Elite Providers Drive Health Care Spending; What Does This Say about the Dartmouth Research?…Maryland’s Solution. Part 1
02/05/10 Maggie Mahar Healthbeatblog Massachusetts’ Problem and Maryland’s Solution We Don’t Have to Wait for Washington Part 2
01/28/10 Blogs
01/29/10 Chen May Yee StarTribune Health care reform: Can Mayo emerge a winner?
2/25/09 Reed Abelson New York Times Medicare Spending Still Varies Widely by Region
6/8/09 Robert Pear New York Times Health Care Spending Disparities Stir a Fight
6/13/09 Op-ed New York Times Doctors and the Cost of Care
6/17/09 David Leonhardt New York Times Health Care Rationing Rhetoric Overlooks Reality
7/11/09 Op-Ed Contributors New York Times Two Sides to Every Health Care Debate
8/12/09 Op-Ed Contributors New York Times 10 Steps to Better Health Care
9/20/09 Katharine Q. Seelye New York Times Medicare for All? ‘Crazy’, ‘Socialized’ and Unlikely
9/22/09 David Leonhardt New York Times Medical Malpractice System Breeds More Waste
9/23/09 Anemona Hartocollis New York Times Hospitals Cite Worry on Fees in Health Bill
11/3/09 Reed Abelson New York Times Weighing Medical Costs of End-of-Life Care
12/30/09  David Leonhardt New York Times Health Cuts With Little Effect on Care
11/28/08 Amitabh Chandra Testimony by Amitabh Chandra to the United States Senate Finance Committee, Hearing on Health Care Reform: An Economic Perspective Amitabh Chandra on Health Care Reform: An Economic Perspective
06/16/08 Elliott S. Fisher, MD, MPH Statement to Senate Finance Committee Health Reform Summit
06/16/08 Chairman Ben S. Bernanke At the Senate Finance Committee Health Reform Summit, Washington, D.C. Challenges for Health-Care Reform
06/05/08 Kevin Sack New York Times Research Finds Wide Disparities in Health Care by Race and Region
05/30/08 Jane Gross New York Times For the Elderly, Being Heard About Life’s End
05/30/08 Anemona Hartocollis and Ford Fessenden New York Times In New York City, Two Versions of End-of-Life Care
12/17/06 Eduardo Porter The New York Times “The More You Pay, the Better the Care? Think Twice”
12/02/05 Peter Jennings Peter Jennings Reporting, ABC “Breakdown: America’s Health Insurance Crisis
10/30/05 CNN Live interview on Health Disparities
10/25/05 Liz Szabo USA Today “Hospital Inequalities Widen the Care Gap
06/01/05 Liz Kowalczk The Boston Globe Rising doctors’ premiums not due to lawsuit awards
06/01/05 Kim Dixon Reuters US malpractice rates not due to jury awards – survey
06/01/05 Kevin Freking The Associated Press States that cap malpractice awards attract more doctors, study finds: Huge awards aren’t catalyst for high rates
06/01/05 News-Medical Doctors in the U.S. gravitate to states that cap malpractice awards
05/31/05 Julie Rovner National Public Radio “Malpractice Problem Not Solved With Obvious Answers
03/15/05 Reuters Drugs can help heart patients as much as surgery – study
02/22/05 J.B. Treaster and J. Brinkley The New York Times “Behind Those Medical Malpractice Rates
10/08/04 Julie Rovner National Journal’s Congress Daily “McClellan: New Payment Systems “
10/08/04 Ceci Connolly The Washington Post “Studies Raise Questions On Value of Intensive Care”
10/07/04 Mark Sherman The Associated Press Studies Question Ranking of Best Hospitals
05/24/04 James Mehring Business Week What’s Lifting Productivity
05/19/04  the Associated Press The Bismarck Tribune Experts seek health care data use
04/10/04 Madeleine Brand and Tess Vigeland NPR “Baicker, More money doesn’t buy better quality”
02/18/03 Carla Hall Los Angeles Times “More May Not Be Better, Medicare Study Says”
02/18/03 John O’Neil New York Times “When Money Doesn’t Matter”
02/17/03 Richard Knox National Public Radio “Medicare: More May Not Be Better”